The choice is simple.

Because we get it...

Larry, Christy, and Bev have all had immediate family members with intellectual disabilities.

Larry's daughter Wendy had severe disabilities and was non-verbal and non-ambulatory. Throughout her life, Larry and his family fought for her to have a great life filled with rich experiences. She brought much joy to her family.

Christy's brother Dan had Down Syndrome. Her mom, Margaret-Lee Thompson, fought for him to live at home rather than in an institution, and to be taught reading and other academics at school. Margaret-Lee eventually founded the King County Parent Coalition, the parent advocacy group that lobbies the legislature for funding and change. Christy's brother Dan was a dear friend and a wonderful celebrator of birthdays, family, and baseball. He worked at Microsoft for 14 years and passed away at age 36.

While these family members have now passed away, we seek to honor their memories with our work.

Disability advocacy is the cornerstone of our practice.

Our firm has represented people with disabilities and their families since 1992. We do this type of work because we love helping families navigate systems and because we love advocating for disability rights.